When should I start having sex?

It’s your choice.

Your thoughts (193) When should I start having sex?

A normal part of growing up is developing romantic and sexual feelings. This brings us to a question everyone asks themselves — at what age should I start being sexually active?

Legally, no one is allowed to have sex with you if you’re below 16 years old. Otherwise, it’s considered statutory rape, this is a criminal offence and is very serious.

So, does this mean 16 is the magic number? It depends — on you. Deciding when to have sex is a decision you should make for yourself. You also need to have an open and honest conversation with bae about whether you are both ready for sex. You need to consider the emotional implications that can come with sex. It can throw up all sorts of emotions! Some good and some bad.

Sex also comes with the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (including HIV). This is why it’s important to enjoy sex safely and use condoms as they prevent pregnancies and infections! They’re free at all public clinics and hospitals.

Take your time and listen to your heart and head and consider the bad and good aspects of being sexually active. If you think you are ready, it’s worth talking to an adult you trust, like your aunt, big sister or cousin.

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Just make sure you won't regret having sextet with that particular person ♡

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