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Hi Springsters, we are back at it again, busting sex myths and taking names. When it comes to sex, facts are better than fiction. We have seen your questions and concerns and we are here to crush some of the most common misconceptions.

1. MYTH: I won’t fall pregnant if its my first time

Yes, you can. Pregnancy occurs when an ovum (egg) is fertilised by a sperm and then proceeds to plant itself in the uterus lining. The egg is released during ovulation. If you happen to have unprotected sexual intercourse and you are ovulating, you can fall pregnant - even if it is your first time!​

2. MYTH: If I use the injection, I won’t be able to have children when I stop

Although the injection has side effects, infertility is not a common one. When you stop going for your injections, you have 12 weeks until you have to start using condoms if you want to prevent pregnancy. We would still recommend using condoms to protect you from unplanned pregnancy and STIs including HIV.

3. MYTH: Is it possible when you are HIV positive and you take ARVs for a few years that your results can come back negative?

Yes, this is possible. When your results come back negative, it means your viral load is undetectable. This means, that the test couldn’t pick up on the disease. It doesn’t mean that you are in the clear - once you have HIV it isn’t reversible. If you stop taking your ARVs you could go back to having the HIV detectable and the test coming out positive.

That’s all folks, until next time.

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Can you get pregnant if you haven't started your periods yet

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Yes,you can get pregnant if you haven't started your period yet.

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