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Do you suffer from desk snooze? These healthy tricks can help.

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Do you struggle to concentrate at school? Or find the teacher asking you to wake up? It’s time to make changes to some of your daily habits so you can get the most out of your school day!

Brain breakfast
For you to have the best start to your day, you need a breakfast full of nutrients that will give you energy. Think porridge, cereal or whole-grain or brown bread with peanut butter, some milk and a piece of fruit. A good breakfast will ensure that you’re sitting up and listening in class.

Don’t be thirsty
Your body needs water to be able to feed your brain cells. If you don’t drink enough water you’ll become tired and unable to learn. Stay away from cool drinks and stay hydrated with water – find a big plastic bottle which you can keep filling up and drink throughout the day.

Remember this
A good memory is important if you want to learn. The best way to feed your memory is with a nutrient called iron. You find the most iron in red meat, whole-grain or brown bread, beans, spinach, and nuts.

Fish is key
Many types of fish, including tinned fish, have oils that are important for brain growth. These oils make sure that your brain cells carry memory messages. Try to eat fish at least twice a week, otherwise, you can also get the same memory boosters in milk, cheese, and eggs.

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