#AskSpringster: How do I talk to my boyfriend about sex?

#AskSpringster: How do I talk to my boyfriend about sex?

Hi Hazel, Not using a condom is a big step in the relationship and we completely understand why you are not sure about the idea. You are the boss of your body so you get final say over what happens to it. So make a decision about how you would like to proceed and protect yourself. If you are against the idea of not using a condom, that is okay, and you need to put your health first.

While you may be shy about speaking to your partner about this topic, it is very important that you do because it impacts your health. Here are tips from other fellow Springsters on how to have a difficult discussion with your partner.

Prepare, prepare, prepare: Rehearse what you will say to him beforehand. That way, you know everything you need to say and you can say it in a sensitive way.

Speak to them in a place where you will be comfortable. If the conversation doesnt go the way you want to, stay calm. The talk doesn’t have to all happen in one day, perhaps speak again once everyone has time to think about it.

Remember: If you decide you are ready to not use a condom, be sure to get tested for STI’s including HIV to make sure that you protect yourself. Don’t forget to find another contraceptive to prevent any unwanted pregnancy.

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