Am I a virgin?

Who gets to decide? You do!

Am I a virgin?

Am I a virgin? If you’ve started experimenting or are just a curious, Springster, this question might have popped into your head once or twice. Don’t worry – we’ve got some answers for you!

Few girls know this, but there is no single agreed definition of virginity. Wow.

If there’s no proper agreed definition, that means virginity means different things for different people. This might sound strange, but it’s actually great news because virginity can be whatever you want it to be. #YourbodyYourChoice

No one can actually tell whether a woman is a virgin or not. Not even doctors. So how can there be a definition? Hmm, interesting right?

Let’s keep exploring. A common definition of losing your virginity is if the penis breaks the hymen inside the vagina. So the idea is that a girl is no longer a virgin after her first vaginal intercourse. There are quite a few keywords in there, so let’s break it down for you:

  • The penis is the male sex organ.
  • The vagina is the female sex organ.
  • The hymen is a very thin layer of skin inside the vaginal opening that most, but not all, females are born with.
  • Vaginal intercourse is when a penis is inserted into the vagina during sexual activity.

Now the hymen can be broken during general physical activity, like playing sports, and not just through sex. Imagine if you’re play-fighting with your friend and your hymen breaks. Does that mean you are no longer a virgin? Sounds a bit funny, no? This means your hymen breaking might not be the best way to define virginity.

Now let’s go to the boys. Do you think there is a way to tell if a boy is a virgin?

Pause. Thinks thinks. Shrugs shoulder…

Just like with girls, there is no way to check if a boy is a virgin. This is another reason why you should challenge what “virginity” means.

Like other things in life, being a “virgin” is a label that people often use to describe and control women and girls. However, like everything with sex, you are in the driver’s seat. Virgin or not a virgin, who cares? There are way more important things to think about in life. Like achieving your goals and dreams.

Oh and let’s NEVER forget… No matter what anyone says, you have worth and purpose and no one can take that away. You also have the power of choice to make your own decisions about who you get intimate with and when you do it.

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