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Siphokazi’s advice on how to tackle a bad breakout

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I got my first pimple when I was 11 years old. By grade 9, I had a face full of pimples. I was really embarrassed. As a result, I really struggled with self-confidence. I didn’t even want to take any pictures. I was shy when I had to speak to people because it felt like they were just staring at all of my pimples. Acne has been a struggle for me since high-school but there have been a few things I have done that have helped to keep them away.


I used to eat a lot of sweets when I was younger. I really liked Cadbury and funny face sweets, and every time I had pocket money, I would go to the spaza shop to buy sweets. I noticed my breakout was a lot better when my mother forced me to cut down on eating sweets. Eating fruit and vegetables has also helped me. I have even started my own little garden in the yard to try to make eating healthy as cheap as possible.Some of the vegetables I use for face masks.


Calamine is one of those ointments we always have around at home. It helps with allergies, mosquito bites and it has also helped me with acne scars, red marks and a few blemishes on my face. I apply it on my face when I have red marks or pimples, it will dry them out.

Be careful about what touches your face

This is one I still struggle with because I am always touching my face. I also make sure that I am always washing my hands to make sure when I do make the mistake of touching my face, it’s not bad because my hands are clean.
You also need to think about anything that comes into contact with your face. Always make sure you change your pillowcase often. Always sanitise your cellphone. Be careful what you put on your face, whether it is new moisturisers or face wash, the smallest thing can set of a reaction. My struggle with pimples has been long, but I have realised that I am beautiful and it is perfectly normal for me to have acne. There is no need to feel so bad.

Siphokazi,20 years old What are some of things you do to keep the pimples away? Share your tips with the rest of the Springsters

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Thanks but how could I avoid 🚫 junk food?🤷🏽‍♀️

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I've always been lucky because I never had acne even today I still don't. I am not fond of junk food...

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