Work, work, work

Part-time jobs that you can do while taking care of business

Work, work, work

Do you have extra-time in-between taking care of family or school, and need to make a little bit of money? Why not get a part-time job.

We have four part-time jobs options that you can apply for this holiday.


Are you charming, hardworking and have a very good memory? Waitressing could be for you. Waitressing is all about good service. The better the service, the better your tips will be. You don’t have to wait until positions are advertised, visit your local restaurant to ask if they have any available jobs. Leave your C.V behind. Be sure to ask lots of questions when applying so that you know if the restaurant will be a good fit for you.

Work at a clothing store

Are you a fashionista that loves working with clothes? Then this is the job for you.Clothing stores can help you break into the fashion industry and will provide you with hands-on experience. Most well-known stores are always looking for new consultants, and the best part is most stores give their staff a discount on clothes.


If you are good at braiding, blowing out hair or sewing on weaves then you can apply for a part-time job as a hair stylist. Most community salons offer space, equipment and products and stylists make money by getting clients. If working at a salon is not possible, you can choose to style hair from home.


Do you find children adorable and are a natural when looking after them? You can babysit for one family at a time or you can run a mini creche and make even more money. Do your research on how to take care of small children and if you can, do a first aid course.

Part-time jobs can bring in cash but remember to put safety first. When applying for a job, ask people around the company how the working conditions are. Google the company to make sure that it is legit. When going for an interview, leave the address and the telephone number of the company with a friend or family member.

Do you have any other suggestions for safe part-time jobs? Tell us in the comment section.

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