Real friends stay connected!

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Your thoughts (29) Real friends stay connected!

Whether it’s connecting with friends or killing time between classes – phones can become an important part of our daily lives. Most people remember their first phone, how exciting it was to finally have access to the world around them.

After school, Boitumelo, Sarah, Azania and Amanda were chatting at the local shop.

Azania found a funny video online and she was desperate to share it with the girls on her new phone. She got it as a birthday present from her parents and keeps in touch with her crew by regularly sending them funny videos and memes.

Sarah ­doesn’t have a phone and no one at her home does either. Sometimes she feels like she misses out on things and gets jealous when she catches up on the group chats weeks later. To stay connected she has to walk all the way to the neighbourhood airtime seller to buy airtime and call her friends.

­Boitumelo’s sister handed down her old phone, it’s a basic phone that doesn’t take photos or play videos. She likes to use her phone to ask questions online she doesn’t feel comfortable asking her parents. She a curious girl so she browses the internet for advice on sex and relationships – recently she used it to understand her contraception options, as she was too shy to ask the school nurse.

Amanda lives with her aunt and she borrows her phone when she really needs it. She has asked her aunt for a phone, but she says Amanda is too young to need one. Amanda’s determined to get a phone of her own and has shopped around for good and trustworthy deals in her town. She’s been putting away a third of her pocket money every month and is about to have enough.

How do you stay connected? Do you have to borrow a phone like Amanda, or have you got your own phone like Azania? Tell us in the comments below!

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My friends don't have a phone so I just borrow them maybe for two days and I get it back the next...

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I real like the way u guys thought

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