Peer pressure was good for me

Positive friends = a better you.

Your thoughts (25) Peer pressure was good for me

Find out how Zinathi used pressure from her friend as inspiration.

I’m Zinathi from Turffontein. I hate it when people force me to do things I don’t want to do like my friend Lethu.

She wanted us to spend most of our social life studying and preparing for our future. Instead of hanging out at malls or going to a lot of house parties, she wanted us to focus on school work. She’s has always wanted to be successful and be a lawyer like her cousin.

I told her I wanted to be an accountant, but unlike her, I felt like giving up on my school work when things got tough. I was stressed and didn’t feel motivated to keep trying to be a good student.

When Lethu found out that I failed some subjects in my mid-term exam, she made it her mission to help. She came to my house after school so we could go to the library, and gave me extra maths lessons.

On weekends, she’d come to my house for study sessions. She’d also test me to see if I understood my school work. There were days when I wanted be hang out with my other friends but Lethu forced me to keep studying.

She irritated me and I’d get angry at her. We even got into a fight when I didn’t send my university application form on time. But things started working out. I understood where she was coming from, and why she made it her mission for our friendship to be inspired by our big dreams.

Today, I’m grateful that Lethu pressured me to focus on my studies and future. My marks went from 40 to between 70 and 75 percent. I passed grade 12 with flying colours and even got a bursary. I’m going to study B.Comm Accounting at the University of Pretoria, thanks to my friend putting pressure on me to focus on my future.

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i dont know how to study evrytymi try my phone rings or so plz help m guys ..

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