My passion, my money

Doing what you love pays off

My passion, my money

I want to be a businesswoman and have already found my way to make it happen. I’m going to use my talent, which I discovered by accident.

I’ve always loved getting my hair done but never had money to go to the salon. I started braiding my own hair, and realised that I found my calling when my styles started turning heads.

I opened my salon, which is actually just chair in our garden at home. I found customers through my friends and family. I also advertised my services around our neighbourhood. I only work on weekends and school holidays, and have enough clients for me to earn R3500 during school holidays. I give my money to mom, who keeps it safe in a bank account. I’m saving to study a hairdressing course to learn all about hair. This is going to be useful when I open and run salons, which is my dream.

What’s your passion? Are you going to turn into money? Leave your comments below!

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