Your story: Be a goal digger

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Inspiration, motivation and leadership. These are the values that all girls should aspire to have. My name is Paballo. I’m 16 years old and I want to be a leader in my community like my role model Lizzy. She believes in young people and our power to make a difference in our communities.

She encourages us to be active in our communities, and to dream big. She says dreams are important because they help us set goals for our future. Goals are the plans that you make for your life. They can be short-term, like learning how to cook, or long terms, like wanting to be a lawyer when you grow up. When you set a goal, you also have to take steps that will get you to your goal. I want to work for my community because I want a job that expresses my love for people. I also to be someone’s role model, like Lizzy, and help young people in my community to get to a better life!

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