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Have you ever had a friend that you loved with all your heart? I did and this is how she supported me throughout my life...

Her name is Thabile. She is my everything. When I had problems at home because my mother left us father couldn’t afford to take me to school, I told Thabile and she stood by me all the way. She even told me her life story too and we became each other’s pillars.

At the end of January, my dad told me that I can go to school and I was back in class with Thabile. She made me believe that I can make it to university the following year. We studied a whole lot and we passed with very good marks.

After we helped each other with our applications we were accepted into university! We did our Bachelor of Nursing in the same class and it was a lifetime experience!

I was also able to help my dad by providing for my little sisters who were still in high school because I got a good bursary. This would not have happened if it was not for Thabile.

We continued to work hard with my friend till we finished our courses. We graduated at the same and it was so much fun. I thank God because we ended up working at the same hospital. Even now we are still besties and this makes me happy!

Having a good friend who believes in you, supports you and your dreams is important. Friends that encourage us to bring up our self-esteem and help us succeed in life.

Do you have a friend that you want to show your appreciation for? Share your story in the comments below!

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This is amazing!!!

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