Ask Springster: How do I make new friends?

Here are a few ideas ...

Ask Springster: How do I make new friends?

Making friends can be both exciting and scary, but it is really hard to get started.That is why Thato decided to Ask Springster for help.

Read her question below:

Thato recently moved to a different town and is struggling to make friends. None of the people she has met have been a good fit for her personality. She wants to know how she can make friends. 


Hey Springster,  

Making friends can be hard. We asked a few Springsters how they were able to find their besties. Here is some of the advice they had to give:  

Friends who are interested in what you are interested in.  

If you like reading, make friends at a library, or if you like playing soccer join a club which will have people with similar interests. For example, if you like computers and technology - you can go to a coding event.

2. Why don’t you look online? 

The internet can be a great place to make a meaningful friendship with people that have similar interests as you. There are a number of groups for people who like everything from anime, different sports or subjects. Join the groups to meet more like-minded people. Remember, online connections are not a replacement for offline connections in your new town as we don't recommend meeting up with anyone you met online.

Friends can be a great support when you are going through your teenage years, so choose your friends wisely, treat them well, and love and encourage each other.

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