5 easy steps to start your business

5 easy steps to start your business

Hi girls. My name is Czarina and when I was 15, I started my own business selling hand-made jewellery outside her home. Every day after school, I would string beads together and design beautiful pieces that I would later create and sell. Today I run my own successful jewellery making business. Here are my 5 steps to starting a brilliant business and managing your money!

1. Find your passion and create a PLAN.

The first step for any businesswoman is to find her passion! Maybe you’re passionate about music or art, or perhaps you love teaching or sports. When you combine a business plan with your passion, you will be more motivated to work hard. Once you’ve decided on what you love, it’s time to write down your PLAN! This will turn your dream into a goal. Your business plan should include:

  • Your business idea
  • Who your target market (customers) will be
  • Your sales goals
  • Who will be responsible for what jobs
  • A timeline of when things need to be done

2. Create a Budget!

A budget is your spending action plan and a monthly budget can help you to work out how to spend your money wisely each month. It will ensure that you don’t overspend and will prioritize your needs over your wants. Write down your most important needs first (food, shelter, and business expenses) and see if there are any costs you can cut out (such as buying food, when you could make your own food at home.)

3. Start saving!

Save a small amount of money every week. Even a few coins can add up and help you in your business dreams. Keep your money in a safe place that no one else has access to. In a locked safe, or a secret place that only you know.

Do small jobs to earn some extra money. Babysitting, tutoring, or cooking are all great ideas.

Create a monthly budget. Write down all your expenses and earnings each month. This record will help you to save, and show you where you’re spending money.

4. Job shadow a business person.

Spending some time with a business person you admire can help you become a better business person. They can give you honest advice and share their successes and failures with you. They will also have great advice on how to budget and save, and how to create an awesome business plan.

5. Believe in YOU!

The most important thing if you want to start a successful business is believing in yourself! You are unique and your ideas are important. Believe in your capabilities, work hard, and save well. Your light will shine bright and you will become the brilliant boss lady you were born to be!

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