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Hi beloved sisters ...m 17 years old and m doing my matric . But I have a little problem with my height - m very short , I went to look for a job with my male friend Koketso a day ago . When we got there ,they told us to leave our C.V's but some workers there kept on saying that I shouldn't be recognized because of my height . They said that I shouldn't be taken because I'm too short , how on earth could they say that without looking at my C.V ? The part time job we were applying for is at a store ,so I had hoped that they could give me a job that's suitable for me like working at the till , working with the computers or maybe do stock taking But from where I'm standing now ,it looks like I've lost that job because of my height Was I treated fairly ?? Please help me ...what can I do because I really need a part time job

2 years ago

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Hey Springster, when they advertised the job, did they mention that they needed a tall person for some specific reason. If not then that certainly sounds like discrimination. You are allowed to contact them and their employment offices to be a 100% sure of why they denied your application. For details of what to do next, you can also call the Department of Labour in your province. We hope this gets rectified soo. Feel free to let us know how things work out in the end.

2 years ago

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