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Hi beloved sisters ...m 17 years old and m doing my matric . But I have a little problem with my height - m very short , I went to look for a job with my male friend Koketso a day ago . When we got there ,they told us to leave our C.V's but some workers there kept on saying that I shouldn't be recognized because of my height . They said that I shouldn't be taken because I'm too short , how on earth could they say that without looking at my C.V ? The part time job we were applying for is at a store ,so I had hoped that they could give me a job that's suitable for me like working at the till , working with the computers or maybe do stock taking But from where I'm standing now ,it looks like I've lost that job because of my height Was I treated fairly ?? Please help me ...what can I do because I really need a part time job

2 years ago

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